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The undergraduate training of an Agribusiness and Rural development consists of a four-year BSc.; The first year of study includes basic units of agricultural and applied subjects (for example Micro+ Macro Economics, Organizational Cultures, Introductory of Soil Sciences, Agro Chemistry, Agri.Botany, Dimension of Agri. Extension and Social Statistics). The second and third years of study are a combination of B.Sc. subjects (such as production of (Crop, Horticulture, Livestock science) and business and management subjects (for example, economics and educational extension). In the fourth year of study, the main focus is on commercial subjects and business laws, with agricultural economics and educational extension.


FIRST STAGE:  (First Semester) 

FIRST STAGE:  (Second Semester)    

SECOND STAGE:  (First Semester)                                                                                                                                                                         


SECOND STAGE:  (Second Semester)

THIRD STAGE:  (First Semester)  


THIRD STAGE (Second Semester)  

FOURTH STAGE:  (First Semester)  

FOURTH STAGE:  (Second Semester)