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Academic and Teaching Staff:

  Name Position  E-mail Google.Scholar
1Dr. Rezhen Harun M. RashidAssistant Professor PhD / Head of Department [email protected]Link
  2 Dr. Muhammed Omer MuhammedLecturer PhD /Deputy Head of Department   [email protected] Link
  3 Dr. Khasraw Muhedin Hassan Assistant Professor PhD [email protected] Link
  4 Dr.Tahir Muhammad Layeeq Assistant Professor PhD [email protected] Link
  5 Dr. Kadhm Abdullah Muhammad Assistant Professor PhD[email protected]
  6 Dr. Dara Abdulrahman salih Lecturer PhD [email protected]Link
  7 Kawan Sirwan Ismael Lecturer (PhD Student) [email protected]Link
  8 Hawall Ibrahim Rasul Lecturer, MSc [email protected] Link
  9 Sumaia Muhammad Rahim Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] Link
 10 Kazhan Jamal Hasan Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] Link
 11 Chawan Mohammed Hamasalih Assistant Lecturer (PhD Student) [email protected]Link
 12 Hemin Abubakir Neima  Lecturer MSc [email protected] Link
 13  Bayan Ahmad Mahmud Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] Link
 14 Bekhal Qasim Mohammed    Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] Link
 15  Khansa Hameed Hamafaraj   Assistant Lecturer (PhD Student) [email protected] Link
 16 Debar Ali Rashid Assistant Lecturer (PhD Student) [email protected] Link
 17 Sara Burhan Muhamad SharifAssistant Lecturer MSc [email protected]Link
18 Tarza Jalal Karim Muhammed  Assistant Lecturer MSc (On Unpaid Leaving) [email protected] Link
19 Dlger Salih Mahmood Muhammad Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] Link
 20 Saya Fatih Karim Majed  Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] Link

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