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Animal Science  is described as "studying the biology of animals that are under the control of humankind". Historically, the degree was called animal husbandry and the animals studied were livestock species, like poultry, cattle, sheep and Goat.

Department of Animal Science is divided into three scientific branches:
1- poultry

2- Ruminant

3- Fisheries 

Fisheries branch first established in academic year (2013-2014), receiving students from third class of Animal Sciences department, graduate student will gain bachelor degree within animal sciences department. The department has afield work of rearing fish, and rearing fish laboratory with three fish laboratories. All working and studying within the many varied areas of fisheries and aquatic sciences. The main studied topics were Ichthyology, Fish Taxonomy, Habitats, Physiology, Feeding, Fishing and Gears, Fish Diseases, Health Management, Culture, Farm Management and Aquatic Pollution.