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Food Science

Department of Food Science

In every society, the importance of food and food products is indispensable; not only used as a fuel for life to continue but also to ensure the safety, quality and authenticity of the foods consumed on daily basis. From this point of view, Food Science Department (FSD) was founded in 2004-2005 in order to provide Sulaimani province with a nutritious, safe, and wholesome food supply.

The FDS has expanded rapidly with an interdisciplinary structure through which could provide free service to the following organisations: 

1.      The co-operation of the FSD with other official establishments of Kurdistan Regional Government in Sulaimani such as Health ministry, Food Quality Control Office and Environmental Protection Agencies, through offering information on food safety and food analysis.

2.      FSD helps both private and governmental factories of food and drink by offering scientific guidelines.

3.      FDS helps the food manufacturing companies, be it private or governmental, in terms of consultation and advisory services.

Faculty staff

Since the establishment of FSD, the department has grown significantly, expanding its teaching, research, and extension activities. Currently, FSD is comprised of 16 lecturers of various professions, of which 7 associates are PhD awarded ranking from Professor to lecturer, 9 members are M.Sc. certified and 10 alumni as laboratory assistances.

There is a progressive educational program for undergraduates; our scientific goal is to make our curriculum comparable with the FSD program of the most developed countries, in order to keep pace with the modern global progress.


In FSD, there are six laboratories with different expertise: 

1.      Post graduate laboratory, mainly for research students

2.      Food Technology laboratory

3.      Food Chemistry

4.      Food Microbiology

5.      Cereal Technology

6.      Dairy Laboratory

There is also a dairy factory where is mainly used for students practical.

Academic activity

Since the establishment of FSD, the following academic activities have been achieved:

1.      Graduation of two generations of undergraduates, many of which are employed in private and governmental sectors.

2.      Nine students of post graduates M.Sc. and PhD have graduated.

3.      Twelve post graduate students (PGS) of high diploma (HD), M.Sc. and PhD are in an ongoing research study. 

4.      One PGS is studying in Australia.

Currently, there are ongoing scientific researches in FSD; in the meantime some of our scientific staff has participated in national and international scientific events.


FSD has actively participated in organising and running a number of educational workshops, lecturing, seminars and training courses for the following organizations:

The Agricultural Guidance Office in Sulaimani, The Directorate of Health - prevention division in Sulaimani, Free Women Organisation, The Headquarter of Military College in Sulaimani, The Directorate of Security in Sulaimani, The Agricultural Office in Sulaimani.    

It is worth mentioning, prior to the foundation of Quality Control Directorate; the FSD has offered the same services in liaison with Sulaimani governorate as a consultative institute.