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Horticulture Department بەشی باخداری

Department of Horticulture

After reopening of Sulaimani University in November 15th, 1992, planning to reestablishment of Horticulture Department as one of the important departments in the College of Agriculture was completed and the Department of Horticulture was starting to accept the first session of students  in the academic year 1993-1994. The Horticulture Department has been reopened as this department is of special importance for Kurdistan Region generally and in Sulaimani governorate in particular. The region is known to have a suitable environment for the production of horticultural yields and there are too many fruits and vegetables orchards and projects. Also, the area is of great importance for the purpose of tourism. Department of Horticulture has been re-established in order to graduate experts in the area of fruit, vegetable as well as ornamental plants.

In the beginning, the number of academic staff in this department was only 9 members, but now there are over 50. Postgraduate studies in the Department began in 1997-1998 and continued up to now. Many Ph.D. and  M.Sc. degrees were taken from the Department, some of them are experiencing their careers in Bakrajo Agriculture Technical Institute, Halabja Agricultural Technical College and the Agriculture College in the University of Kirkuk. Nowadays,  many M.Sc.  students are continuing the studies in the Department.

In addition, 690 undergraduate students (288 male and 402 female) graduated in the department and obtained BSc. degree in Horticulture Science.

Department Units

A. Laboratories: (Postgraduate Study, Fruit Science,  Entomology and Plant Diseases).
B. Lecturing Halls (4).
C. Orchard (12.5 hectares).
D. Plastic Houses (

E. Greenhouses (3).
F. Lath House (1).
G. Faculty Gardens Unit.

Academic Staff

No. Name  Scientific Title Position
 1. Dr.Sidiq Aziz Sidiq Kasnazany LecturerHead of the Department 
 2. Dr.Jalal Hamasalih IsmaelAssistant Professor Academic Staff
 3. Dr.Fakhraddin Mustafa HamasalihAssistant Professor   Academic Staff
 4.Dr. Nawroz Abdul-razzak TahirProfessor  Academic Staff
 5. Muhammed Shaho Ghafoor Saeed Assistant Professor Academic Staff
 6. Dr.Zainab Sabah Lazim Assistant Professor Academic Staff
 7. Dr.Ibrahim Maaroof Noori Assistant Professor Academic Staff
 8. Dr.Rupak Towfiq AbdulrazaqAssistant Professor Academic Staff
 9. Dr.Taha Ali AminLecturer   Academic Staff
10. Dr.HamaRasul Saeed RasulLecturer Academic Staff
11. Dr.Othman Kamil Aref Lecturer Academic Staff
12. Dr.Ali Othman Mohammad  Lecturer Academic Staff
13. Dr.Samal Jalal Omar  Lecturer Academic Staff
14. Dr.Sardar  Saeed Amin  Lecturer Academic Staff
15. Dr.Chinur Hadi Mahmood  Lecturer Academic Staff
16. Dr.Faraidun Muhammad Hama Faraj  Lecturer Academic Staff
17. Dr.Khuncha Kamal Tofiq  Lecturer Academic Staff
18. Luqman Gharib Karim Lecturer Academic Staff & Ph.D. Student
19. Salam Mahmud Sulaiman Lecturer Academic Staff & Ph.D. Student
20.  Rukhosh Jawhar Rashed Lecturer Academic Staff & Ph.D. Student
21. Rezan Muhammad Salih Ali Lecturer Academic Staff & Ph.D. Student
22. Anwar Mohammed Raouf Mahmood Lecturer Academic Staff & Ph.D. Student 
23. Zhala Muhammad Ahmad Lecturer Academic Staff 
24. Shayan Akram Mustafa  Lecturer  Academic Staff 
25.  Chnoor Ali Ahmed Assistant LecturerAcademic Staff & Ph.D. Student  
26. Faraidun Karim Ahmad Assistant LecturerAcademic Staff 
27. Ahtekhwaz Ahmad Sharef Assistant LecturerPh.D. Student  
28.  Haidar Anwar Haidar Assistant Lecturer Ph.D. Student 
29. Hoshman Omar Majeed  Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
30. Hivi Shawkat Ibrahim Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff 
31. Sajida Saeed Aziz Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
32. Jamal Mahmood Faraj Assistant Lecturer Ph.D. Student
33. Rasul Rafiq Aziz Gurun Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
34. Hazha Abdulakrim Mahmood Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
35. Avan Assi Fatih Assistant Lecturer  Academic Staff
36. Sonia Hiwa Othman Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
37. Kana Ali Mahmood Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
38. Lanja Hiwa Khal Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
39. Shler Hassan Mahmood Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
40 Kamaran Salh Rasul Assistant LecturerDept. Determinant 
41. Chia Qadir Rashid Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
42. Yaseen Nasraddin Hassan Assistant Lecturer Academic Staff
43. Tariq Abubakir Ahmed Assistant LecturerAcademic Staff 


Horticulture Department Modules for the Academic Year (2015-2016)