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Academic and Teaching Staff:

  Name Position  E-mail Google.Scholar
1Dr. Rezhen Harun M. RashidAssistant Professor PhD / Head of Department
  2 Dr. Muhammed Omer MuhammedLecturer PhD /Deputy Head of Department Link
  3 Dr. Khasraw Muhedin Hassan Assistant Professor PhD Link
  4 Dr.Tahir Muhammad Layeeq Assistant Professor PhD Link
  5 Dr. Kadhm Abdullah Muhammad Assistant Professor
  6 Dr. Dara Abdulrahman salih Assistant Professor PhD
  7 Kawan Sirwan Ismael Lecturer (PhD Student)
  8 Hawall Ibrahim Rasul Lecturer, MSc Link
  9 Sumaia Muhammad Rahim Assistant Lecturer MSc Link
 10 Kazhan Jamal HasanLecturer MSc Link
 11 Chawan Mohammed Hamasalih Lecturer (PhD Student)
 12 Hemin Abubakir Neima  Lecturer MSc Link
 13  Bayan Ahmad Mahmud Assistant Lecturer MSc Link
 14 Bekhal Qasim Mohammed    Assistant Lecturer MSc Link
 15  Khansa Hameed Hamafaraj   Lecturer (PhD Student) Link
 16 Debar Ali Rashid Assistant Lecturer (PhD Student) Link
 17 Sara Burhan Muhamad SharifAssistant Lecturer MSc
18 Tarza Jalal Karim Muhammed  Assistant Lecturer MSc (On Unpaid Leaving) Link
19 Dlger Salih Mahmood Muhammad Assistant Lecturer MSc Link
 20Saeed Mohammed Abdulla MohammedLecturer Link

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