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Natural Resources Department




Natural Resources Department vision: Our vision is rehabilitating, developing, and managing the Agricultural and natural resources, as well as, addressing social and ecological dimensions of natural resources and the environment to improve environmental sustainability.

Our Mission: The mission of the Natural Resources Department in the College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences is to create and transmit knowledge about the function and dynamics of renewable resources,  and to develop leaders who endorse a conservation ethos for a sustainable planet.

Objectives and plans of the Natural Resources Department:

Natural Resources Department continually updates its programs to ensure they meet international standards. This has been done through partnership programs with similar departments in different international universities. This has been spurred by the constant struggle to service the Kurdistan region and also for Kurdistan to play its role in the global effort to protect the environment. We hope that this effort will reward our students with great future careers in their fields.

Our Objectives:

  1. Rehabilitation and development of renewable natural resources in our country that comprises soil, water, plant, aquatic living, wildlife and conservations of areas that subjected to destruction, burning, and extinction.
  2. To produce the next generation of thought leaders to interest the natural resources and to drive our national economy.
  3. To conserve and manage the watersheds.
  4. To sustain the revenue of our natural resources with healthy management of them.
  5. Widening the tourism places in our country at both private and public sectors.
  6. Diverse work opportunities for our graduation in both the private and public sectors. In the public sector, the graduates will have a chance to employ at the directorates of Agriculture, water, Environment, Forests, Meteorological Stations, Tourism, and Dam directorates.  In the private sector, they can work in the Laboratories of analyzing Water, Soil, and Plant Samples. Construction and Supervision of Fish Pond projects, Establishing Agricultural projects, Mushroom projects and Organic farming, Working at Tourism Places, Establishing Irrigation Systems in farms and working in the Environmental and Nature Organizations.



      Dr. Khalid Taib Muhammad                                                                                      Rozhgar Abdullah Hasan         

               Head of the Department                                                                                   Department Determinant