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Preparing students to take on positions of leadership, responsibility, and community service. The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences at UoS is a focal point for addressing problems relating to the vital elements of agriculture and food as well as those associated with regional sustainable development and resilience.

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Agriculture as a field of study encompasses a wide range of sub-disciplines, from the theoretical to the practical, all with the overarching goal of improving human well-being. This is a striking reminder that the twenty-first century has been variously dubbed the "Biological Age" and the "Agricultural Age." In order to live up to these standards, the science of agriculture is indispensable.
The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences was one of the first colleges to open its doors to students after the university's rebirth in 1992. There were numerous arguments in favor of reopening the College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences. One of the reasons for this is that the Kurdistan Region is primarily an agricultural country with abundant arable land and water resources. Furthermore, the Kurdistan Region is capable of producing enough food to feed its entire population. As a result, training specialists in all agricultural fields is critical for the region. One of the college's primary goals is to graduate well-rounded agricultural engineers who will make significant contributions to society through their work shaping and advancing agriculture. We will require human resources with diverse perspectives, professional insight and technique, and a rich human nature in the future, and it is our sincere hope that all students enrolled in the College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences will come to appreciate agriculture for what it is.

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We are proud of our regional heritage
  • Our Origins

    The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences was established in 1968 with two departments: plant and animal production. After the re-establishment of Sulaimani University in 1992, this college was one of the initial colleges that opened its doors for students on November 15th, 1992.
  • Our Mission

    The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences is committed to making a positive impact on society by teaching people how to be better farmers and giving them the opportunity to learn new skills in a variety of agricultural disciplines. It helps students become more marketable, competitive, and dedicated to original scientific inquiry while simultaneously improving their skills in accordance with academic criteria.
  • Our Vision

    The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences strives to become a center of excellence by developing its teaching and research programs and providing agricultural science specializations to the community. Our mission is to provide exceptional education, care, and research in the agricultural fields while also serving the local community and advancing agricultural growth into a world-class institution.
  • Our Goal

    We accept responsibility as educational leaders because students are our reason for being, and we will support innovation by relying on assistance and partnerships dedicated to doing so.
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College of Agricultural Engineering Science

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گۆڤاری زانستی
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ژمارەیەکی زۆر توێژینەوەی زانستی لە لایەن ڕاگری کۆلێجەوە هەڵسەنگاندنیان بۆ کراوە

 ژمارەیەکی زۆر توێژنەوەی زانستی لە لایەن ڕاگری کۆلێجی زانستە ئەندازیارییە کشتوکاڵییەکان بەڕێز پرۆفیسۆر ( د.نورۆز عبدالرزاق طاهر) هەڵسانگاندنیان بۆ کراوە.

زیاتر لە سەد توێژینەوەی زانستی کە لە گۆڤارە ئاست بەرزە جیهانییەکان بڵاو کراونەتەوە کە خاوەنی ئیمپاکت فاکتەری بەرزی گلاریڤەیتن ، هەڵسەنگاندنیان بۆ کراوە لەلایەن (د.نورۆز عبدالرزاق طاهر ) ەوە. تەوای هەڵسەنگاندنەکانیش لە ماوەی ساڵێك دا ئەنجام دراون لە بەرواری ١/٧/٢٠٢٤ بۆ ١/٦/٢٠٢٤

:ئەمانەش گرنگترینی ئەو گۆڤارە زانستیانەن کە ئمپاکتی فاکتەری بەرزیان هەیە

1. Journal of Cleaner Production: IF=9.7
2. Journal of Advanced Research: IF=11.4
3. Heliyon: IF=3.6
4. International Journal of Molecular Science: IF=4.9
5. PLOS One: IF=2.9
6. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation: IF=2
7. Field Crops Research: IF=5.6
8. Horticulturae: IF=3.1
9. Agriculture: IF=3.3
10. South African of Botany: IF=2.7
11. Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity: IF=1
12. Plant Genetics Resources: IF=1.1
13. Industrial Crops and Products: IF=5.6
14. Cincia Agrotecnologia: IF=2
15. Agronomy: IF=3.4
16. Forests: IF=2.9
17. Open Life Science: IF=1,7
18. Chemistry and Diversity: IF=2.3
19. Scientific Reports: IF=3.


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College of Agricultural Engineering Science

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