College of Agricultural Engineering Science

Food Science and Quality Control


The Department of Food Science and Quality Control was established in 2004- 2005 as a part of the College of Agriculture. Dr. Rafiq Mohammedsalih Rashid played a significant role in introducing the idea of establishing the department.
The department was founded with the aim of providing education and research in the field of food science and technology, with a focus on ensuring the quality and safety of food products. Since its establishment, the Department of Food Science and Quality Control has worked towards achieving its objectives by offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in food science and technology, conducting research in food safety and quality control, and providing technical assistance to the food industry. The department has also collaborated with local and international organizations to improve the quality and safety of food products in Kurdistan- Iraq.

Department Vision:

The Food Science and Quality Control department aims to educate and develop undergraduate and graduate students with a broad education background, such as food technology, food microbiology, food chemistry, physical chemistry of food, human nutrition, food quality control, sensory evaluation of food, and food packaging. Applying knowledge and skills from these fields to deliver wholesome food to consumers and prevent foodborne diseases. Furthermore, creating new food products and using new preservation techniques raises the financial advantages of using raw materials and protecting the environment from contamination.

Department Mission:

The general majors of this department focus on the investigation of food constituents and their effects on human health. Students will gain knowledge of the components of various foods and how they affect human health. The knowledge of food safety can also be used to prevent food from deteriorating and spoiling. Students who receive these materials are better equipped not only to avoid or lessen food-borne illnesses and diseases but also to increase public awareness of the need for a healthier lifestyle in our society. Food quality control programs keep dangerous and unhealthy goods off the market and off our menus. Students who graduate from this program will be well-equipped to safeguard and advance public health care as well as the nation’s economy. By studying food science, we hope to create a healthy community and provide a balanced diet to avoid or lessen common foodborne diseases and illnesses like malnutrition, food allergies, and food intolerances.

Learning Outcomes:

Successful students who fulfill graduation requirements will be certified to pursue careers in food and nutrition related fields. Their scientific background in research and food examination allows them to work in both the public and private sectors.

Study Methods:

This department’s study methods are both theoretical and practical.


English and Kurdish Language


6-9 hours/ day and 5 days/ week. The study in this department is for 4 years.

Academic Staff:

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