College of Agricultural Engineering Science

College of Agricultural Engineering Science

About Us

We are proud of our regional heritage.

Our Origins

Established in 1968, AGR had two departments: plant and animal production. After the re-establishment of Sulaimani University in 1992, this college was one of the initial colleges that opened its doors for students on November 15th, 1992.

Our Mission

The college’s current mission is to improve the educational structure and curriculum, based on (ECTS credits), an analysis of the programs, teaching and assessment methods. To ensure the awarding of BSc, High Diploma, MSc, and Doctoral degrees.

Our Vision

We strive to uphold dedication to history while becoming a preeminent institution in the twenty-first century. It prepares students to take on positions of leadership, responsibility, and community service.

Our Goal

We accept responsibility as educational leaders because students are our reason for being, and we will support innovation by relying on assistance and partnerships dedicated to producing what is best for our community.
Teaching Staff
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