College of Agricultural Engineering Science

Agribusiness and Rural Development


The Department of Agribusiness and Rural Development (henceforth ARD) was formed in 2012 by the merger of the Department of Agricultural Extension at the University of Suliamani. Due to the liberalization of international agricultural commerce and the advent of the Kurdistan region’s self-government, the study of ARD in Kurdistan as a new method is becoming of significance matter, apart from the agricultural extension and economics. The ARD department focuses on agribusiness, agricultural economics, food production, rural communities, natural resources, the environment, agricultural extension, and rural development.

Department Vision:

The ARD department will be a regional and global leader in teaching, training, and development research. The ARD department will favorably influence behavioral change for the improvement of everyone affected by the agricultural systems, social, economic, and environmental concerns. Opening a wide range of interests and activities that can be anticipated as well as adding new varieties of participation in both fields of research and teaching, which are essential for the investigation of modern agribusiness and socio-economic problems dealing with fields of food production, natural resources, environment, social, and balanced rural and urban development. Moreover, providing objective economic analysis, best management practices, and educational extensions to support informed decision-making in the fields of resource allocation, corporate management, and public policy for the people of the Kurdistan Region-Iraq Our department members are dedicated to educating and collaborating with students to deliver high-quality education programs for undergraduate and graduate students. ARD research staff conduct research on a wide range of applied topics, as well as studies that determine the role of agriculture on Kurdistan’s economy, the effects of changes in international agricultural trade policies, substitute policies to stabilize farm household incomes, and investments to promote economic development in Kurdistan’s rural areas. The whole department and staff at ARD work hard to make student life on campus at ARD as enjoyable, rewarding, and delightful as possible.

Department Mission:

Undergraduate students in this department will earn a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness and Rural Development. Moreover, graduate students can pursue studies in agribusiness, agricultural economics, and rural development through the department. This major prepares students to work in agribusiness enterprises or farms, rural economic development groups, and government agencies dealing with agriculture or natural resource management. 

Learning Outcomes:

The curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to succeed in various aspects of the agribusiness industry. Graduates of the Agribusiness department are well-positioned to pursue careers in agriculture, food processing, marketing, finance, and management, among others. With the global demand for food continuing to rise, the agribusiness department is an essential component of the education system that prepares students to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the agricultural sector.

Study Methods:

The study methods in this department are both theoretical and practical.


The official language of instruction in the department is English.


6-9 hours/ day and 5 days/ week. The study in this department is for 4 years (8 semesters).

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